There is some solid reason to build SIMSO. I am basically from IT. My father is a businessman. But he doesn't have knowledge about IT / computer. That's the reason, he maintains his all inventory, orders, customer etc.. through his notebook. For that paperwork, it was so much difficult to maintain and track the calculation.

One day he discussed with me that I am not able to track anything that how many products are available in my shop if someone asks me for some product. And to find that product I send a labor to check that the product is available in our stock or not.

He also not maintains his customers. If some customer asks him to show his remaining balance. My father was trying to find his all order and payment and calculate them manually. sometimes he mistakes a lot.

This is the main reason to find SIMSO. And I realize that like my father, many shop owners are fetching the same problem. There was another big problem that my father was not good at English. so need some software with his mother tongue (Bengali).

So, finally, i build SIMSO with two languages English and Bengali.

Ditch the spreadsheets, paper based and manual book keeping of your orders and inventory

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